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Cordova File Upload Error Code 3


Regarding the download function issue in Cordova 3.5, I want to say that there are some breaking changes introduced in File plugin above version 1.0.0 which Cordova 3.5 app is using. Regards, Kaloyan Telerik Build cross-platform mobile apps using Visual Studio and .NET. Backwards Compatibility Notes Previous versions of this plugin would only accept device-absolute-file-paths as the source for uploads, or as the target for downloads. This attribute is only available when a response code is received from the HTTP connection. (Number) body Response body. weblink

asked 4 years ago viewed 12156 times active 1 year ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends in 3 days Visit Chat Linked 187 CFNetwork SSLHandshake failed iOS 9 5 Supported on Android and iOS. (boolean) options: Optional parameters, currently only supports headers (such as Authorization (Basic Authentication), etc). On iOS, FireOS, and Android, if a header named Content-Type is present, multipart form data will NOT be used. (Object) trustAllHosts: Optional parameter, defaults to false. pozuelog commented Apr 16, 2014 Same here, I'm testing on Android 2.3.3 & 4.1.1 in Cordova 4.3.

Cordova Filetransfer Download Error Code 3

Cheers Marcio Ota The issue probably is not only in Phonegap. sioesi 2015-05-28 15:11:08 UTC #11 You can solve your problem? Is there any solution on how to test FileTransfer.

You don't have to fix File Transfer plugin errors, as you scale your app to new operating systems (i.e. Terms of UseSite FeedbackPrivacy Policy Powered by Progress Sitefinity Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. Apache and the Apache feather logos are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation. "Raleway" font used under license. Phonegap Image Upload Error Code 3 FileEntry.toURL() and DirectoryEntry.toURL() return a filesystem URL of the form: cdvfile://localhost/persistent/path/to/file which can be used in place of the absolute file path in both download() and upload() methods.

I am using the library in such a way that I immediately try to cache an image and only if that process fails do I then return the already cached file...is Phonegap Filetransfer Error Code 3 Ios Kaloyan Admin 871 posts Posted 16 Apr 2014 Link to this post Hello Robert, Unfortunately, the issue is still relevant. If set to true, it accepts all security certificates. Properties bytesSent: The number of bytes sent to the server as part of the upload. (long) responseCode: The HTTP response code returned by the server. (long) response: The HTTP response returned

Until then, you can also check the above mentioned article and see if there is something that could help you out. Ngcordova File Transfer Example Zdravko Admin 657 posts Posted 07 Jul 2014 Link to this post Hello, It seems that your code is correct except the fact that you might want to encode your server Regards, Kaloyan Telerik Share what you think about AppBuilder and Telerik Platform with us in our feedback portal, so we can become even better! Again, the success handler for the FileTransfer.download method receives a FileEntry object.

Phonegap Filetransfer Error Code 3 Ios

AppBuilder Resources Buy Try Feed for this thread 10 posts, 0 answers Idan 76 posts Member since: Oct 2012 Posted 17 Mar 2014 Link to this post Hi, I am getting Perhaps this plugin has its own limitations, I don't know. Cordova Filetransfer Download Error Code 3 To support operations with binary files, FileReader supports two methods, readAsBinaryString and readAsArrayBuffer. Cordova Filetransfer Error Code 1 Thanks a lot –wezzy May 31 at 14:30 After trying many things, over several hours, this worked for me for Ruby webserver (Roda) on a windows machine.

Hopefully this article saves you some time, fellow Phonegap App developers! have a peek at these guys Which includes the following advantages and disadvantages. Most servers limit file upload sizes as a security measure. (https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Unrestricted_File_Upload) That the options.fileKey value (i.e. ) isn't the name your server expects - an example error message Invoked with a FileTransferError object. (Function) trustAllHosts: Optional parameter, defaults to false. Cordova File Transfer Download Error Code 3

function download(fileEntry, uri, readBinaryData) { var fileTransfer = new FileTransfer(); var fileURL = fileEntry.toURL(); fileTransfer.download( uri, fileURL, function (entry) { console.log("Successful download..."); console.log("download complete: " + entry.toURL()); if (readBinaryData) { // Although most of them are well documented and work just as they are supposed to, some tasks bring you challenges that are not always easy to solve. Idan 76 posts Member since: Oct 2012 Posted 19 Mar 2014 in reply to Borislav Link to this post Hi, I was able to update the FileTransfer, File and Media-Capture plugins http://thetechvoice.com/error-code/copy-file-error-code-3.html displayImageByFileURL(entry); } }, function (error) { console.log("download error source " + error.source); console.log("download error target " + error.target); console.log("upload error code" + error.code); }, null, // or, pass false { //headers:

In this example, create the file in the application's cache (fs.root). Filetransfer Upload Go to chrome://inspect/#devices. This plugin defines global FileTransfer, FileUploadOptions constructors.

I'm able to succesfully capture the photo I need, and make a valid request to the server endpoint that's expecting my image along with other data, but when I make the

I am writing this here that hopefully someone was able to solve it. You forget to write your skype. Properties onprogress: Called with a ProgressEvent whenever a new chunk of data is transferred. (Function) Methods upload: Sends a file to a server. Cordova Camera We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

pozuelog commented Apr 29, 2014 By doing ImgCache.options.headers = { 'Connection': 'close' }; I reduced the percentage of failed downloads. Invoked with a FileTransferError object. (Function) options: Optional parameters (Object). zhouhaowowtv 2016-02-05 08:46:31 UTC #16 Very curious at your server code if you're using Node.js. this content facesup Hi.

Idan Doesn't work for me. Properties code: One of the predefined error codes listed below. (Number) source: URL to the source. (String) target: URL to the target. (String) http_status: HTTP status code. Invoked with a FileTransferError object. (Function) options: Optional parameters (Object). To support operations with binary files, FileReader supports two methods, readAsBinaryString and readAsArrayBuffer.

Should testers have access to view developers code? it -- again, thanks for helping me out on this. The "Code 3" is a connection error, and because it's related to the version of the operating system, I have no idea how to solve this. I have tried to retry it like in the issue you linked me to but to no avail.

I still experience Code 3 error, now even on iOS7 in my iPhone 5S. Should I be concerned about "security"? Report bugs, improve the docs, or contribute to the code.