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interface atmslot/port 4. Make sure the subinterface on the adjoining CE router is on the same VLAN as this PE router. router# show interface G8/0 GigabitEthernet8/0 is L2 Tunnel remote down, line protocol is up Hardware is GigMac 4 Port GigabitEthernet, address is 0003.ff4e.12a8 (bia 0003.ff4e.12a8) Internet address is MTU 1500 This section contains two tasks: •Configuring OAM Cell Emulation for ATM AAL5 over MPLS on PVCs •Configuring OAM Cell Emulation for ATM AAL5 over MPLS in VC Class Configuration Mode Configuring check over here

Remote Ethernet Port Shutdown Restrictions This feature is not symmetrical if the remote PE router is running an older version image or is on another platform that does not support the See the cell-packing command for more information. The following sections explain how to configure each feature. When the remote link and EoMPLS connection is restored, the Provider Edge 2 router enables the transmit laser. http://winpedia.org/could-not-load-any-transport-over-mpls-atom/

Encaps Type of ATM adaptation layer (AAL) and encapsulation. The cell-packing command specifies that five ATM cells are to be packed into an MPLS packet. A customer edge router on the far side of the Layer 2 tunnel (Customer Edge 2), continues to forward traffic to Customer Edge 1 through the L2 tunnel. Command Modes Privileged EXEC Command History Release Modification 12.0(23)S This command was introduced. 12.2(14)S This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.2(14)S.

No enhancements will be made to the mpls l2transport route command. xconnect peer-router-id vcid encapsulation mpls 8. SUMMARY STEPS 1. Step3 Router(config-cmap)# policy-map policy-name Specifies the name of the traffic policy to configure.

OutFast Number of fast-switched output packets. encapsulation aal0 6. Step3 interface atmslot/port Example: Router(config)# interface atm1/0 Specifies an ATM interface. Step6 encapsulation aal0 Example: Router(config-atm-vc)# encapsulation aal0 For ATM Cell Relay, this command specifies raw cell encapsulation for the interface.

How to Configure Ethernet over MPLS Ethernet over MPLS works by encapsulating Ethernet PDUs in MPLS packets and forwarding them across the MPLS network. Software program problems. Step2 configure terminal Example: Router# configure terminal Enters global configuration mode. Step10 show atm vc Example: Router# show atm vc Verifies that OAM cell emulation is enabled on the ATM VC.

Prerequisites to Configuring Before configuring AToM, configure the following: •Provide label switched paths (LSPs) between provider edge (PE) routers by enabling dynamic MPLS labeling (through the mpls ip command) on all https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/12098896/configuration-exampleatomany-transport-over-mpls-circuit If any debug condition commands are enabled, output is only generated for interfaces associated with the specified keyword. Step5 pvc vpi/vci l2transport Example: Router(config-atm-vc)# pvc 1/100 l2transport Assigns a virtual path identifier (VPI) and virtual circuit identifier (VCI). In this release, use only the any keyword.

When the remote L2 tunnel link is restored, the local interface is automatically restored as well. http://thetechvoice.com/could-not/could-not-load-transport-dll-s80trans-dll.html Connection Name The name of the PVC. The following example specifies an MTU of 1526 bytes. If you enable OAM cell emulation without specifying an AIS rate, the default is to send one AIS cell every second..

VC is managed by OAM/ILMI VC is managed by OAM or ILMI. SUMMARY STEPS 1. The PVP or PVC on the peer PE router remains in the up state. http://thetechvoice.com/could-not/could-not-load-transport-dll.html vc-class atm name 4.

The following values can be displayed: •CW [1]—Control Word •RA [2]—Router Alert •TTL [3]—Time to Live •Unkn [x]—Unknown CV Type (Cisco IOS Releases 12.2(30)S and later) The type of Connectivity Verification A loopback interface must be configured for originating and terminating Layer 2 traffic. pseudowire-class atm-cell-relay encapsulation mpls interface atm 5/0 xconnect 123 pw-class atm-cell-relay Verifying the Port Mode Feature The show atm route command displays port mode cell relay states.

Therefore, Cisco recommends that you use the xconnect command to configure AToM circuits.

Command Modes Privileged EXEC Command History Release Modification 12.0(23)S This command was introduced. 12.2(14)S This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.2(14)S. debug mpls l2transport vc {event | fsm} no debug mpls l2transport vc {event | fsm} Syntax Description event Displays AToM event messages about the VCs. Incoming AIS cells are replied with RDI cells, but the state does not change. •Down Retry—An OAM loopback failed. Make sure you specify the same encapsulation type on the PE routers.

See the "How to Configure the Pseudowire-Class" section for more information. VCD/Name Virtual connection descriptor (virtual connection number). Because the service provider network is separate from the customer network, the service provider can upgrade to AToM without disruption of service to the customer. have a peek at these guys pvc-bundle Adds a PVC to a bundle as a member of the bundle and enters bundle-vc configuration mode in order to configure that PVC bundle member.

You cannot configure HDLC over MPLS on subinterfaces. ATM AAL5 over MPLS Example At PE1, you issue the following commands: PE1_Router(config)# interface atm5/0.100 PE1_Router(config-if)# pvc 1/200 PE1_Router(config-atm-vc)# encapsulation aal5 PE1_Router(config-atm-vc)# mpls l2transport route 50 At PE2, you issue Note    You can also apply a VC class to a PVC.   Step 8 pvc [name] vpi / vci l2transport Example: Router(config-if)# pvc 1/200 l2transport   Creates or assigns a name to The endpoint can be either of the following: •End-to-end loopback, which sends OAM cells to the local CE router. •Segment loopback, which responds to OAM cells to a device along the

When system files are missing or corrupted, data that is essential to run software applications properly cannot be linked correctly. Router# show atm class-links 1/100 Displaying vc-class inheritance for ATM1/0.0, vc 1/100: no broadcast - Not configured - using default encapsulation aal5 - VC-class configured on main interface Configuring OAM Cell ATM AAL5 over MPLS Restrictions The following restrictions pertain to the ATM AAL5 over MPLS feature: •PVC configuration: You can configure ATM AAL5 over MPLS on permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) only. interface POS0/0 no ip address no ip directed-broadcast no keepalive encapsulation ppp mpls l2transport route 50 crc 32 clock source internal !

One PVC is configured with OAM cell emulation at an AIS rate of 10. configure terminal 3. Provider Edge 2 maintains its interface with Customer Edge 2 in an up state.