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Avatar A picture or figure representing a person in an online environment. Same number of syllables, but more fun to say), Cake (Marty's noob cake broke the build), Chunky Salsa (based on the chunky salsa rule, a single critical error or bug that It is also known as a "Ten-T error" or "ID:10T error". GOOH 9. this contact form

The networking administrators' version is referring to the cause of a problem as a "layer 8 issue". Reflect, repent, and reboot. Alastair is also the author of numerous books on graphic design such as The New Designer's Handbook and The Digital Designer's Bible. Loch Ness Monster Bug russau I've started Loch Ness Monster bug for anything not reproducible / only sighted by one person.

Types Of Computer Error

Bluetooth A short range wireless data communication system for smartphones and other computing devices. MHMM 2. It's an opinion survey, a poll, a List of X. Architecture The basic design of a computer's hardware.

So called because the important part, where the information is actually stored, is circular, although you can't see it because it is hidden away inside a protective shell. IDKWYM 4. Computer jargon explained. Categories Of Error VM 5.

All COM objects implement the "IUnknown" interface but an ActiveX control usually also implements some of the standard interfaces for embedding, user interface, methods, properties, events, and persistence. ADSL: GOOH 9. STS 50 More Top Terms... http://www.jonstorm.com/glossary/ Compatible Compatible pieces of equipment can work together; incompatible ones can't.

Browser A program used for viewing World Wide Web pages on the Internet. Computer Jargons Examples Also related to Drug Report (a report so utterly incomprehensible that whoever submitted it must have been smoking crack.), Chug Report (where the submitter is thought to have had one too Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. CD-RW (Compact Disk-ReWriter) A CD drive which can create CDs, either audio or data, using special rewriteable CDs which are also often called CD-RWs.

What Are The Types Of Error

Of little worth is your ire. https://blog.codinghorror.com/new-programming-jargon/ D.; Illiad (6 May 1998). "User Friendly Cartoon". Types Of Computer Error Boot disk A CD pr DVD which holds a copy of the operating system, or enough of it to start the computer, useful if the computer won't start up properly from Computer Errors List Why do computers get errors?

PublishAmerica. weblink Now being replaced by DVD, which has a much higher capacity. Rubber Ducking wesgarrison Sometimes, you just have to talk a problem out. What does PICNIC mean? What Is Error In Computer

Especially used of software or OS failures. Compare the position of the brackets with the hands in the picture. (This style of brackets is used in Kernighan and Ritchie's book The C Programming Language, so it's known by User Friendly. navigate here The higher the number, the better the quality.

A Duck kyoryu A feature added for no other reason than to draw management attention and be removed, thus avoiding unnecessary changes in other aspects of the product. Computer Errors And Solutions biometric A system that examines biological things like fingerprints or retinas, usually for security purposes. Skip to Main Content Search Help Tips Dictionary History Forums Contact You are here: Dictionary > E - Definitions Error An error is a term used to describe any issue that

This comprehensive illustrated dictionary of design terms covers everything from traditional typesetting and prepresss to the latest digital media, including the Web, 3D and animation, as well as definitions for the

Resources About Me discourse.org stackexchange.com Learn Markdown Recommended Reading Subscribe in a reader Subscribe via email Coding Horror has been continuously published since 2004 Copyright Jeff Atwood © 2016 Logo image DivX: Video compression is a patent-pending software technology that compresses digital video so it can be downloaded over DSL or cable modems in a relatively short time with no reduced visual Attachment A file sent by email is "attached" to the email. Common Computer Errors Wikipedia┬« is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Users often rant-and-rave...robot - Traditionally, it's a device that can move and react to sensory input. BBC News. JAWOHL 6. http://thetechvoice.com/computer-error/computer-error-0xfff.html Why?

To add to the confusion, they tend to have very similar names : for example DVD+RW and DVD-RW are completely different formats, and incompatible with each other. Both are blank. candidates who developed...hot spot - In the world of IT this term refers to places that have wireless Internet connections....huge pipes - Slang for a high-bandwidth Internet connection. Guess which has occurred.

In terms of programmer culture, though, there is precedent in the form of The Jargon File. For example, "We did a deep dive on that market...defrag - To optimize your hard drive, usually with a program that "cleans it up" and makes...delete - To remove a file Bus Mastering: The device in a computer which is driving the address bus and bus control signals at some point in time. The 486 was the earliest processor able to run Windows 95 - just about.

DDR (Double Data Rate) A fast type of RAM for a PC. This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of PICNIC (PICNIC acronym/abbreviation/slang word). Jenga Code sumit When the whole thing collapses after you alter a block of code. AI (Artificial Intelligence) A program designed to respond "intelligently" to various situations, for example the computer opponent(s) in a game.

Now they are an ISP specialising in family-friendly internet access. radar screen - In modern jargon, this refers to the range of interests that a company or individual...rant-and-rave - To speak on and on about something you feel passionate for. Crack, cracked A crack is a small program intended to defeat software's copy protection, thus allowing unlicensed copies to be made - stealing it, in effect. This page is not here.

Cook Code with too many layers. Unpopular with users because if there is ever a problem with it, such as the rights management company folding, your legally-purchased content becomes unplayable. Derives from shoot-'em-up. Write your programming term, word or phrase in bold text followed by an explanation, citation and/or usage example so we can use it in appropriate context.

See also lockup. The baby is crying. WRU 3.