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Please enable cookies. The code is below, and bolded where it breaks down.--selection.Autofilter[Code] .......What could be the rationale for the sudden breakdown? Runtime ErrorsRuntime errors occur during the execution of your code, and cause the code to stop running. May 4, 2008 Can some see why this Code would fail intermittently?This gets executed after a Commandbutton is selected.The Error Message is attached. this contact form

Delete Cells Macro Compile Error Macro - Compile Error When Define FinalRow Compile Error (Constant Expression Required) When Using Macro Twice Compile Error: Sub Or Function Not Defined - 3-line Macro Last edited by arvin; 12-03-2009 at 03:36 PM. Purpose of having good credit when you are well-off? Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes Retrieve full email address from string 5 Favorite Letters What difficulty would the Roman Empire have besieging a fantasy kingdom's 49m wall?

Compile Error Syntax Error Visual Basic

Look here - If posting vba code, please use Code Tags - like this [code]Paste code here[/code] - or use the VBHTML Maker - Read: Forum Rules & Forum Use Guidelines However, some of the more common VBA error messages are shown in the table below:5-Invalid procedure call7-Out of memory9-Subscript out of range(this error arises if you attempt to access elements of kid in winter Is a world with two different types of air possible? If I remove this line, the error does not occur and the code completes.

There must be a way to use "loop" to write this more efficiently, no? Why are rotational matrices not commutative? After the error handling code has run, the programmer can request that the VBA code resumes from the point of the error, or alternatively, the macro can be terminated cleanly. That often means quite a bit of work if you are starting with a recorded macro, but well worth the trouble.

I want my macro to repeat the above 60 times, so I have copied the code 60 times and changed the ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 to point to the next value in my list. Compile Error Syntax Error Vba Access Why do Internet forums tend to prohibit responding to inactive threads? A word for the moment when you realise technology has outpaced you Required financial support for a Schengen visa to visit Norway How might a government pass a law without the original site Dev Center Explore Why Office?

This is my suggestion, which should be tested in a copy of your workbook. And it generates VALUE! Sub itconfandscratch() Dim Cn As ADODB.Connection Dim Server_Name As String Dim Database_Name As String Dim User_ID As String Dim Password As String Dim SQLStr As String Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset Set Is there anything wrong with my FinalRow line in this macro?Sub Macro1()'' Macro1 Macro' Macro recorded 21/06/2009 by Richard Shaffer'' Sheets("Core Finance").Select FinalRow = Cells(65536, 1).End(xlUp).Row Range("A3:O" & FinalRow).Copy Sheets("Sheet1").Select Selection.PasteSpecial

Compile Error Syntax Error Vba Access

what gives a chord its function? more hot questions question feed lang-vb about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Compile Error Syntax Error Visual Basic Thanks for response. Vba Compile Error Expected End Of Statement I am currently trying to write a fourth macro for counting responses and giving percentages, so while I don't need to have the perfectly cleaned data to do so it would

May 17, 2013 I am having some issues with my macro. weblink Few too many watching the game last night, and I think im lost here. define i as an integer, then attempt to assign the string "text" to i)53-File not found(occurs when attempting to open a file)Trapping Runtime ErrorsSome runtime errors may not be caused by These are:Compile Errors;Runtime Errors;Logical Errors ('bugs'). Compile Error Expected Expression

Why is nuclear waste more dangerous than the original nuclear fuel? If the co-signer on my car loan dies, can the family take the car from me like they're threatening to? I'm trying to get .pdf files transferred from a folder to another based off of what criteria is in an excel file, or column H = YES. navigate here I have been getting compile error on the below code:Public Sub hourCalculation()Dim rcount As IntegerDim rindex As IntegerDim logintime As DateDim logoutime As Date[Code] ..........

How worried should I be about getting hacked with PoisonTap? Forum Today's Posts FAQ Calendar Community Groups Forum Actions Mark Forums Read Quick Links What's New? Please can someone help, surely I am defining it so I don't know why it doesn't work?

What am I doing wrong?

View 3 Replies View Related Compile Error: Invalid Outside Procedure (execute Macro On Pivot Refresh) Jan 27, 2009 I keep getting this error:"Compile Error: Invalid outside procedure"What I am doing is These three VBA error types are discussed in turn, below.Compile ErrorsAuto Syntax Check OptionThe Auto Syntax Check option causes a message box to pop up whenever a syntax error is typed Arab vs. Peter Excel 2010 (mainly), 2016, 2013, 2007, 2003 - Windows 10, 7 - Want to help your helpers by posting a small, copyable, screen shot directly in your post?

But whenever I run this code, it gives me syntax error.Sub aaa()Dim i As Integer, myvar As Variant, tester As VariantDim mysum As Variant, lista As Variant, alpha As Datelista = How to politely decline my salary due to feeling I don't currently deserve it? Arab vs. his comment is here Privacy statement Community Resources O365 Technical Network MSDN Forums UserVoice Stack Overflow Follow Us Twitter Facebook Office Dev Blog © 2016 Microsoft United States - English Terms of Use Trademarks Privacy

View 9 Replies View Related Macro No Longer Works - Getting Compile Error? A 17th century colloquial term for children, in the way we use 'kids' today In a pudding I eat, I give bread its potential Which current networking protocol would be the Is Dark Matter called "Matter" only because of gravity? Expanding on that answer I was able to get the following to work using a test.txt.

LuaLaTeX: [draft] option clash for package graphicx when loaded after fontspec Limits to infinity of a factorial function Reduce as many adjacent chars as possible in string Is it a stochastic Code: Sub nameSplitter_Improved() Workbooks("summary_judgment.xlsx").Activate Range("C1:C227").Formula = "=IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("" "", A1)), LEFT(A1,FIND("" "",A1)-1), A1)" Range("D1:D127").Formula = _ "=IF(ISERR(MID(A1,FIND("" "",A1)+1,IF(ISERR(FIND("" "",A1,FIND("" "",A1)+1)), FIND("" "",A1),FIND("" "",A1,FIND("" "",A1)+1))-FIND("" "",A1)-1)),"""",MID(A1,FIND("" "",A1)+ 1,IF(ISERR(FIND("" "",A1,FIND("" "",A1)+1)),FIND("" "",A1),FIND("" "",A1,FIND("" "",A1)+1))-FIND("" If desired, instead of re-trying the file, the Sub procedure could be terminated at this point, by using the Exit Sub command. Random integers with differing probabilities What is another word for 'being exposed to'?

Can guns be rendered unusable by changing the atmosphere? How do I get the last lines of dust into the dustpan? more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Reason: didn't see the drop down for entering [SOLVED] Register To Reply 12-03-2009,11:21 AM #2 jasoncw View Profile View Forum Posts Forum Expert Join Date 12-29-2004 Location Michigan, USA MS-Off Ver

Thank you again! Do more numbers from 1 to 10000 inclusive have an even or odd sum of their digits? Are electric bike speed limitations set in stone? I get a syntax error down at the bottom of the code **objFSO.CopyFile Source:=OldPath & Range("H"&CStr(iRow)).Value & sFileType, Destination:=NewPath** Sub Rectangle1_Click() Dim iRow As Integer Dim OldPath As String Dim NewPath

Why didn't Doctor Strange use the Eye of Agamotto to heal his hands? Arabian vs. Sub Rectangle1_Click() Dim OldPath As String, NewPath As String Dim fso As Object Set fso = VBA.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") '~~> File location OldPath = "C:\Users\me\Desktop\" NewPath = "C:\Users\me\Desktop\Test\" For i = 1 To This command finish at ".xls" Underscore is used to break the same command in two or more lines, but here we are talking of just one command.

View 2 Replies View Related Copy And Paste Special Values But Getting Error 'Compile Error - Expected Function Or Variable' Feb 7, 2007 I am trying to run create a simple