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The last bizarre type of linker error is a complain about an "undefined reference to main". Look here - If posting vba code, please use Code Tags - like this [code]Paste code here[/code] - or use the VBHTML Maker - Read: Forum Rules & Forum Use Guidelines This can happen if you forget to include the main function at all, or if you attempt to compile code that was never meant to be a stand-alone executable (for instance, Too many arguments Too many dimensions Too many DLL application clients Too many files (Error 67) Too many line continuations Too many local, nonstatic variables Too many module-level variables Trappable Errors this contact form

bash shell ubuntu shell-script share|improve this question edited Aug 18 '12 at 12:08 Gilles 378k726941138 asked Aug 18 '12 at 11:37 kemra102 4731613 The shebang is really in line Share Share this post on Digg Del.icio.us Technorati Twitter Reply With Quote Nov 4th, 2010,10:43 PM #10 Peter_SSs MrExcel MVPModerator Join Date May 2005 Location Macksville, Australia Posts 33,507 Re: compiled What is another word for 'being exposed to'? Would you like to add a reference to the containing library now?

Compile Error Syntax Error Visual Basic

Why does the '!!' shortcut fail to execute the previously run command? This can be dangerous if you don't end up rewriting the right section of code, but it can be helpful. where yyyy is the name of the method and xxxx is the name of the class within which it is called. Look here - If posting vba code, please use Code Tags - like this [code]Paste code here[/code] - or use the VBHTML Maker - Read: Forum Rules & Forum Use Guidelines

You hit compile (or enter the build command) and wait. End program at this time? How to explain lack of flatland? On Ubuntu, /bin/sh is dash, a shell designed for fast startup and execution with only standard features.

So I started experimenting by removing all the sudo lines and running the whole script via sudo at the command line like so: [email protected]:~$ sudo ./pi_dev_env_install.sh This works fine as expected This gives rise to error messages of the form Line nn: Undefined variable: xxxx where xxxx is the name of the variable which has been mistyped. Otherwise, you will get "undefined function" error messages. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23918646/the-first-line-of-my-subroutine-triggers-the-error-expected-user-defined-type You have two options to make sure the script is interpreted by bash: Move the shebang to the first line Run sudo like this: sudo bash ./pi_dev_env_install.sh share|improve this answer answered

You can easily confirm this is with a simple example: # #!/bin/bash offfset=(`ls`) echo $offset Running this script with sudo will raise a syntax error in recent versions of Ubuntu and How might a government pass a law without the population knowing? What's the fastest way to generate a 1 GB file containing only random numbers? Case-sensitive errors with classes This is another category of error which is very common.

Compile Error Syntax Error Vba Access

Failed to load control 'item1' from 'item2'. http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/506860-compiled-error-syntax-error-macro.html Misusing size when applied to strings and arrays size is an instance variable associated with arrays and a method when associated with strings. Compile Error Syntax Error Visual Basic Which Puranic Scriptures describes procedure of "Ashtanga Yoga"? Compile Error Expected Expression Linker errors can also come about in functions that you have declared and defined if you fail to include all of the necessary object files in the linking process.

Line 'item1': Maximum nesting level for controls exceeded with 'item2'. weblink Powered by vBulletin Version 4.2.3 Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. Community Resources O365 Technical Network MSDN Forums UserVoice Stack Overflow Follow Us Twitter Facebook Office Dev Blog © 2016 Microsoft United States - English Terms of Use Trademarks Privacy Statement © Basically it performs excel formulas to split names: Code: Sub nameSplitter_Improved() ' ' nameSplitter_Improved Macro ' ' Windows("summary_judgment.xlsx").Activate Range("C1").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=LEFT(C1,FIND(" ",C1)-1)" Range("D1").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=IF(ISERR(MID(C1,FIND(" ",C1)+1,IF(ISERR(FIND(" ",C1,FIND(" ",C1)+1)), Compile Error Expected End Of Statement

Silly the compiler doesn't bother to point out the offending line(s). –Cor_Blimey May 28 '14 at 18:07 1 It does point it out if you compile. Well, the key here is to think like the compiler; if the end of the file is unexpected, then it must be that it's waiting for something. Damn, you think, I guess I have to figure out what this all means... navigate here Share Share this post on Digg Del.icio.us Technorati Twitter Reply With Quote Nov 4th, 2010,10:16 PM #6 shg MrExcel MVP Join Date May 2008 Location The Great State of Texas Posts

So even if the script successfully started at some point in your testing, it would have aborted once line 68 was reached. All material is laid out in a thoughtful manner, each lesson building on previous ones. Share it with others Like this thread?

I'm very new to this.

The compiler will object to this and will issue an error message such as: Line nn: ';' expected When this happens the solution is to split the string into two, making Arabic — what are the differences? Linker errors, unlike compiler errors, have nothing to do with incorrect syntax. The only way that you can access such instance variables is through methods which are declared in the class in which the instance variables are defined.

Why did the Avro Vulcan use a delta wing? But interestingly, on the correct arch the file beginning with #! /bin/sh executed perfectly. Baby Rudin Chapter 4 Exercise 1 Purpose of having good credit when you are well-off? http://thetechvoice.com/compile-error/compile-error-syntax-error-excel.html Line 'item1': Control name too long; truncated to 'item2'.

UPDATE: Final version with err handling thrown in Sub Rectangle1_Click() Dim OldPath As String, NewPath As String Dim fso As Object Set fso = VBA.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") '~~> File location bucklej OldPath = you wonder. These errors will not be signalled at compile time, but will emerge during run time. Many real–world analogies make the material easy to relate to.

LuaLaTeX: [draft] option clash for package graphicx when loaded after fontspec Random integers with differing probabilities Multiple TXT fields for same subdomain Cycles, shade based on proximity to another object's geometry What is a PhD student? If cookies are made with enough sugar, will they just be chewy caramel? Syntax. … long ObjectNum; long FirstLine; long LastLine; DWORD dwOutFlags; } WBEM_COMPILE_STATUS_INFO; Members lPhaseError.

in the D column down to row 228. The name 'item2' will be used Connection to type library or object library for remote process has been lost (Error 442) Constant expression required Constants, fixed-length strings, arrays, user-defined types, and This will not be signalled as a syntax error.