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Code 39 Specifications


Each character consists of 9 elements: 5 bars and 4 spaces. Each character is composed of nine elements: five bars and four spaces. In the new window select the field that contains your data to be barcoded. (If there is a 'Show' option, uncheck it). H H b +B | %Q NAK $U / /O I I c +C } %R SYN $V 0 0 J J d +D ~ %S ETB $W 1 1 K have a peek at this web-site

Otherwise, the scanner will simply scan the existing data, for example "+C" instead of "c." When extended Code 39 is enabled, functions may be directly encoded by using the format $? All rights reserved. What are Code 39 barcodes used for? The Code 39 barcode symbology supports 43 characters plus an additional character used as a delimiter or start/stop character.

Code 39 Character Set

The Extended Code 39 ASCII Character Table The Extended Code 39 ASCII Character Table ASCII Code39 ASCII Code39 ASCII Code39 ASCII Code39 ASCII (Functions) Code39 A A a +A 0 0 Enter the data to be encoded, which is "BAR CODE-39". The check character is W Code 39 Character Values: Character Value Character Value 0 0 M 22 1 1 N 23 2 2 O 24 3 3 P 25 4 4

The number of black bars should be divisible by 5. Embed all fonts and save/print your project at highest quality. Enter the filepath of the sample database you just closed. 'Import Objects', then 'Modules'. Code 39 Full Ascii In your design program, create a blank text field where you want the barcode to be.

Use the custom Excel macros that come with C39Tools to make Code 39 barcodes in your spreadsheet. Code 39 Barcode Generator Its width is undefined but is usually equivalent to a narrow white bar. The width ratio between narrow and wide is not critical, and may be chosen between 1:2 and 1:3. http://www.makebarcode.com/specs/code_39.html This multiple can range between 2.0 and 3.0 if the narrow element is greater than 20 mils.

The height of the bars must be at least .15 times the symbol's length or .25 inches, whichever is larger. Code 39 Extended If X is 10 mils or greater, the value of I is 3X or 53 mils, whichever is greater. In order for Extended Code 39 to be decoded properly, the scanner must first be programmed to read it. C39Tools is Code 39 barcode software that lets you create Code 39 standard and Code 39 Full ASCII barcodes one at a time in the C39Tools barcode wizard, or in large

Code 39 Barcode Generator

Select the sample database and click 'OK'. http://www.bardecode.com/en1/code-39-barcode-specification/ Remember that you can't simply type your data into a barcode font; barcodes must be created in a barcode wizard, or using our code for Excel, Crystal Reports, etc. Code 39 Character Set The "wide" element is a multiple of the "narrow" element and this multiple must remain the same throughout the symbol. Code 39 Font The remainder is the value of the checksum character to be appended.

To compute this, each character is assigned a value. Check This Out Those lines and spaces convey the original data - letters, numbers, some punctuation marks - that has been encoded. All Rights Reserved Bar Code FAQ Printing & Reading Barcode UPC-EAN Barcode Code 39 Barcode Code 128 Barcode UCC-128, EAN-128, GS1-128 I 2 of 5 Barcode 2D Barcodes Other Bar Code Copy the barcode, switch back to your application and paste into the waiting text field If the pasted data looks like a string of scrambled text, highlight the entire string and Code 128

Save and close the spreadsheet before the next steps. Two adjacent characters are separated by an inter-character gap. Each bar or space is either "wide" or "narrow" and 3 out of the 9 elements are always wide. Source Box 5059, NL-2600 GB DELFT, THE NETHERLANDS Tel. +31 15 690 256, Fax. +31 15 690 190 ANSI Barcode Mill from Altek Instruments allows you to issue unique, identifiable documents from

Make sure that the font color is true black (#000000). Code 39 Vs Code 128 All rights reserved. The complete Code 39 barcode consists of a start character, data digits, an optional check character and a stop character.

C39Tools comes with 27 different Code 39 fonts in TrueType and other font formats, a barcode wizard, and sample code for barcoding in Access, Excel, Crystal Reports and other programs.

A ratio of 3.0 is recommended. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Remember that you can't simply type your data into a barcode font; barcodes must be created in a barcode wizard, or using our code for Excel, Crystal Reports, etc. Code 93 C. (2006). "AIDC Memoirs" (PDF). ^ "MIL-STD-1189 Standard Department of Defense Barcode Symbology". 1989-08-10.

For example, the letter P (being the 16th letter of the alphabet) has its bars aligned to represent the number 6, and the space in the far right position to select Top Home © Lee Allen, 2016 Home Products MICR & OCR FontsMICR E-13BMICR CMC-7OCR-A & OCR-BSecurity FontsFarrington 7B Fonts Linear Barcode FontsCode 128Code 39Code 39 Full ASCIIInterleaved 2 of 5MSI Use the C39Tools barcode wizard to create your barcode. have a peek here Open the C39Tools barcode wizard and create your barcode.

The following table shows how to encode the full set of ASCII characters: NUL %U SUB $Z 4 4 N N h +H SOH $A ESC %A 5 5 O O Bar Width Configuration Table This table shows the bar configuration for each character in the Code39 set. Since the same symbol now can be interpreted as one character in Extended Code 39 mode and two characters in Code 39 mode, the readers must be set to extended mode A Code 39 barcode with check digit is referred to as 'Code 39 mod 43'.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Extended Code 39 uses 2 normal characters to represent one extended character, giving a 128-character symbol set. The individual characters in Code 39 barcodes have nine modules made up of black bars and white space. Replace 'InputString' with the name of the input data field, then 'OK'.

David Allais and Ray Stevens of Intermec in 1974. C. (2006). "AIDC Memoirs" (PDF). ^ "MIL-STD-1189 Standard Department of Defense Barcode Symbology". 1989-08-10. Close the sample database (remembering its filepath) and open your own. w w n n n n w n n 2 n n w w n n n n w E w n n n w w n n n

What is the Code 39 check digit?